Fund Overview

Having deep relationships with high quality experienced veteran operators is the only way we invest. Our team’s approach allows the Fund to have confidence in a project’s chance for success.
Placing investments with veteran operators is nearly impossible, unless you’ve invested beside them before. Our investments are ‘collateralized’ with hard assets and our operator’s assets, and are non-correlated to traditional equities and debt markets.

Target Market – Veteran operators able to provide an extensive track record and under an organizational structure. Secondary and tertiary teams to support activity.  Heavily ‘collateralized’ short term loans, that have a clear plan of repayment or exit.

Targeted Investments – Smaller loans that are in active markets, with well-established comparables.  LTV’s (loan to values) that float to operators experience and size of the targeted assets.  Legal and oversight structures that ensure project controls are constantly maintained.
Fund Specifics – $25K minimum – 1 year initial investment hold – 6 month rolling liquidity (June & December) – 8% preferred return to client  2% catchup to Fund manager – 70%/30% to investor over 10% – $10 Million targeted fund raise


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